(EXCLUSIVE) 50 Cent Battling $17 Million Dollar Creditor From Seizing His Assets

Century 21 & 50 Cent Partnership for Tuesday's Children

50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) has headed to court to demand an order preventing a $17 million dollar creditor from seizing his assets and property to collect on a judgement they recently won against the rapper, theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports.

Reportedly, the rapper/producer/actor has been battling the company Sleek Audio in court for over a year. According to the court docs, 50 signed on with Sleek Audio to market headphones but the deal fell through. He then went to another company to produce his own line of headphones.

The documents state that Sleek then sued him of stealing the design for the headphone that they both had worked on. The rapper fired back, suing the company and them of owing him cash on original deal. The case went to arbitration where Sleek reportedly, won millions. However, 50 Cent then filed a federal lawsuit trying to overturn the decision claiming the arbitrator was racist and prejudiced against him.