Lee Daniels Reacts To Backlash About Racism Comments: I can’t win! [VIDEO]

Lee Daniels Reacts To Backlash About Racism Comments: I can't win! [VIDEO]

Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels Addresses Backlash

Lee Daniels has taken to Instagram to defend himself, concerning recent comments he made about his new show STAR and racism. During a recent interview, he explained that he doesn’t embrace racism.

I wouldn’t be where I was if I embraced racism. If I embraced it, then it became real. And if it became real, I would be an angry black man.

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He also explained why he chose a white girl to play the lead role in the girl group, for his show Star.

because I thought that instinctively, the country needed to heal. And I think that this white girl is so fabulous that black people will embrace her, and white people will embrace her.

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After receiving backlash about his remarks, he posted a video stating,

I wake up to all these blogs that are talkin bout me putting a white girl at the center of the show to heal America and that I don’t understand racism or I don’t see racism in America…Of course I see racism in America, I’m a 57-year-old black man DUH…Haters gone hate man I cant win on this one, you know what I mean? There’s a reason why — watch the interview. Watch the entire interview and watch the show because the show is a tour-de-force and it explains race relations in America and then come for me.

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Chile bye….? … y’all know what I meant!

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Authored by: Kellie Williams