Nick Cannon On Being Labeled Mentally Unstable: I been crazy! [VIDEO]

Nick Cannon On Being Labeled Mentally Unstable: I been crazy!

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon On Being Labeled Mentally Unstable: I been crazy!

Nick Cannon is highly credited for being a comedic genius, million dollar business mogul, and a vivacious television host, but now, the multi-talented man can add Internet personality to his resumé! Cannon just re-luanched his Youtube channel and he is not holding back! The father of three uploaded his first vlog Monday. In a short, hilarious 8 minute video, Cannon becomes outspoken with his viewers in a new way. In his video he discusses his thoughts on everything from the political climate in the U.S., to his opinion in Remy’s unforgettable diss record, ‘Shether’, making jokes about all races, and systematic oppression.

Catch what this funny man had to say below.

His thoughts on Trump’s #JointAddress:

Ya man Trump had his first address to Congress. Or as I like to call it, The White People Party Movement. It wasn’t a n*gga in sight! They ain’t even let a n*gga valet. The Mexicans had that on lock…Anyways, he was talking about a whole bunch of bullshit at his first address. He said he can’t fix every problem. Duh! You can’t fix one fucking problem cause you been creating problems.

His thoughts on Trump’s speech:

And he must have gotten some better ghost writers. Cause, they was trying to put some poetic sh*t when he was up there talking to all his white friends. Who you think you are? Adele?!

What he thinks on Trump’s mission for Chicago:

Oh yeah, and Trump talking all that sh*t about what you gone do, to Chicago, and you gone be sending tanks, to Chicago. You know what send, to Chicago? Some money n*gga! Build all that sh*t in the south side! Build the hood up!

His thoughts on Chicago and different cities:

There’s shootings all over the country in disenfranchise places cause it’s a systemic problem. Y’all keep us in this place, quarantined and kill each other and feed us all this bullsh*t!

On how to fix the community:

Darkness does not get rid of us darkness. You gotta bring some light to the community! Bring some light to Chicago!

On recent reports about his mental stability:

People think I’m crazy. They done had reports that I had mental issues! Tell us some sh*t we don’t know! N*gga, I was dressing in drag at 17! I been crazy!

His thoughts on how to change the World:

You know what? To be brilliant, to change the world, you have to be crazy!

His thoughts on the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef:

That sh*t was hot. Nicki Minaj can’t [say] sh*t to Remy Ma! You know why? Cause Remy Ma ain’t got sh*t to lose! Remy Ma done went to jail for shooting b*tches! … But you know I love Nicki Minaj. I love her to death. And if you wanna ask me the truth I think Nicki wins cause she just the truth. I don’t care if her *ss dropped or not!

His thoughts on making jokes on races:

Just so y’all know, I can make Mexican jokes cause my grandma’s Mexican. Lo Siento, n*gga. I offend everybody equally. I’ll talk sh*t about white people. Talk sh*t about Mexicans. Talk sh*t about Asians. Talk shit about Eurasian.Yeah, I’m talking about all you motherf*ckers.

Check out the full video below.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams