(EXCLUSIVE) Kimberly Smedley On K.Michelle’s Butt Injections, Quitting Illegal Cosmetic Work & New ‘Behind The Butt Series’

(EXCLUSIVE) Kimberly Smedley On K.Michelle's Butt Injections, Quitting Illegal Cosmetic Work & New 'Behind The Butt Series'

Kimberly Smedley, K.Michelle

Kimberly Smedley On K.Michelle’s Butt Injections, Reality TV & More

Nicki Minaj, K. Michelle and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris have all had the pleasure of being (ALLEGEDLY) touched by Ms. Kim. Known for administering illegal butt injections to some of Hollywood’s elite members, Kimberly Smedley was the black market “it girl”. After a few hiccups with the law, Kimberly has done a career 360 and moved away from the path that once brought her millions of dollars. The serial entrepreneur holds a host of titles including, author, TV personality, and motivational speaker. She is also working to develop a platform to women suffering from low self-esteem issues and seeking cosmetic surgery. Ms. Kim sat down with theJasmineBRAND.com‘s Malikka Michelle, dishing on her book ‘The Backside of the Story‘, her secret celebrity clients, and being a part of Centric’s “From The Bottom Up.

If she sought fame:

No, I wasn’t looking for fame. For anyone that’s doing something illegal, you don’t try to be in the forefront. So you normally try to stay low-key and behind the scenes. I think the national attention came when the young lady did go to the hospital, but before that, it was always an underground, black-market type thing with word of mouth referrals. The fact that I did a few celebrities, that did not hurt.

(EXCLUSIVE) Kimberly Smedley On K.Michelle's Butt Injections, Quitting Illegal Cosmetic Work & New 'Behind The Butt Series'


If there was a time when she wanted to tell K. Michelle to stop getting injections:

There was a time when I told her she had enough, but she ended up going to someone else and let them do more injections on her. I was always the type to cut women off. At some point, it’s not about the money anymore. It’s really about what’s going to look nice on you and what’s not going to make it look like you had some work done.

(EXCLUSIVE) Kimberly Smedley On K.Michelle's Butt Injections, Quitting Illegal Cosmetic Work & New 'Behind The Butt Series'

Kimberly Smedley

On the ‘Behind The Butt Series’:

One thing that I’ve started is the ‘Behind The Butt Series.’ There will be one-minute videos on Instagram and Youtube where I go very deep into some of the questions from women who often hit me up on my website and are in my inbox. I will be addressing the issues and educate women on the butt injections. I’ll also be talking to the doctors who specialize in the removal process.

On Her Criminal Charges:

What people should know is that I was not charged with silicon injections. I was actually charged with conspiracy to commit inner state commerce of a mislabeled misbranded device and that happened because I would always have the silicone in water bottles because it was easier to travel with. I didn’t want to risk the silicone spilling in my luggage.

On whether she’s will name celebrities that she’s done work on:

What I don’t want to do, is do that because that’s what’s going to help me to become known. I’m not that Superhead chick. Those celebrities that came to me, when then came to me they were just clients paying for a service to get something that they wanted. Everyone knows Nicki Minaj had silicone injections. Everyone knows Tiny (Harris) had silicone injections. That’s just to name a few. So yeah, I can name them, but name them and then what?

If she felt guilty about donating to church, with the money she made from the illegal injections:

I didn’t feel guilty. For me, it wasn’t drug money. I was doing a job. When I looked at what the money was going towards, I did not feel guilty. The only guilt I felt was not having my pastor know what I did for a living.

On Owing the IRS:

I still owe the IRS and I’m working on that.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams