Reginae Carter Clears Up Fighting Rumors: I didn’t get jumped.

Reginae Carter

Reginae Carter Clears Up Fighting Rumors

Reginae Carter, the daughter of Lil Wayne and Toya Wright is finally speaking out about what really went down at Clark Atlanta University. In April, as you may recall, a video of Reginae and her friends fighting after a probate went viral.

Here’s a clip of Reginae’s friend, Lourdes, fighting.

DEVELOPING: More footage from an alleged fight involving #Lourdes. #ReginaeCarter was also there present. Details to come!?

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And here’s the clip of Reginae attempting to intervene.

Naturally, rumors swirled about what really what happened and who was fighting who. Earlier this week, Reginae addressed the incident, while promoting her new show Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, explaining her side of the story. Peep what she had to say below.

On the fight:

It was just an altercation that someone and my friend was involved in. But ya know, that’s my friend so it’s like I’m not gonna let no one put their hands on my friend. So I was trying to break it up but that was not my fight..and I didn’t get jumped.

On what college she will attend:

I am going to college but I’m not gonna say….you see what happened when I kinda said I was going to…[Clark Atlanta]. I just want them to catch me on campus, that’s how I feel.


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