Petition Launched To Remove Nicci Gilbert From ‘R&B Divas’, Nicci Blames Executive Producer: I’m Being Edited Unfairly

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There are three sides to every story. And from the outside looking in (*raises hands*), it’s pretty tough to remain objective and see what the real truth is, nonetheless, we shall try and paint the picture of the drama surrounding R&B Divas (Atlanta). As you know one of the show’s creators, Nicci Gilbert is one of the break-out stars, entertaining and controversial. And from what we hear, she not only has issues with cast mate Syleena Johnson, but things aren’t going too well behind-the-scenes. This week, a petition was launched, requesting that TV One remove Nicci from the show.

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While we can’t decipher who created the petition A fan of the show, Glen Whitcroft, says he’s responsible for the petition.

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Nicci points the finger at the show’s executive producer, Phil Thornton. Friday afternoon, she went on twitter, giving folk a rant of sorts about why she’s upset with the direction of this season. She wrote:

This whole issue started when they disrespected my daughter in Season 1. Now they r disrepecting HER CHARITY EVENT!..OKAY HERE WE GO THEN … It’s so sad when u work for years to create something amazing like this & because u refused to be disrespected u get a public lashing … But when u start lashing at my family it becomes a different game…BRANDY does NOT DESERVE THIS … Being a Black Woman who speaks her mind and tells THE TRUTH has its benefits & it’s disadvantages…I’m bouta BENEFIT from it & GO ALL IN! I don’t care enough about being famous to have to become famous this way… shame on u for destroying friendships#Fb … You think I’m a b!tch wait till u meet KHARMA…#FB Y’all just have know idea & it’s heartbreaking to watch this “divide and conquer theory” turn special into ordinary #FB I can promise u that next season it won’t be me but unless changes are made it will be someone else & none of us deserve that #FB

She then explained the rant above, pointing the finger at the show’s executive producer:

Sorry I just saw a series of disrespectful tweets from the producer I brought on board @phillionaire and had to RANT. If I have to be the woman u see on TV to be successful Ill Pass…Something that doeant degrade me and humiliate my family will come along. People cant play fair so they play dirty…Id rather go thru the fire and come out brighter ;) #FB

She also suggests that she’s been edited unfairly and shared a screen shot from Phil.

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She continued:

I didnt know 8 years ago When I created NO EGO ENT I would have to endure this kind of public humiliation and disrespect but GOD DID #AMEN

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So what’s Phil’s side of the story? His wasn’t as lengthy, but from his stance, his goal of this season was to bring more unity, hence him asking Angie Stone to join the cast. He noted on twitter:

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What do we THINK? Well, y’all know we don’t play favorites around here and picking sides isn’t our cup of tea.  Here’s what we do know, issues between Nicci and Phil aren’t new. Nicci briefly mentioned having some issues with one of the producers, during our interview at the beginning of the season. However, she did not state any names. We attended the viewing parties, at the beginning of the season, and unfortunately the cast had two separate events. Anywho, stay tuned!