(EXCLUSIVE) Taylor Swift – DJ Accused of Sexual Assault Wants Judge To Shut Down Singer’s Attempt to Exclude Testimony

(EXCLUSIVE) Taylor Swift – DJ Accused of Sexual Assault Wants Judge To Shut Down Singer’s Attempt to Exclude Testimony

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Lawsuit With DJ Accused of Sexual Assault Continues

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Taylor Swift is being blasted by the radio DJ she is accusing of sexually assaulting during a meet & greet, with the man demanding the judge shut the singer down in her attempt to prohibit the jury from hearing testimony at the upcoming trial.

Here’s the latest: On June 8th, the DJ (real name David Mueller) fired back at Swift’s attempt to exclude his expert from the upcoming trial, saying since she had him fired her actions have prevented him from getting employment in his profession — demanding the judge shut her motion down.

He explains if he is to prevail on his claims, he will be entitled to the damages for the loss of future wages, emotional distress and actual harm to his reputation due to Swift’s interference.

Mueller’s designated expert witness & economist, Jeffrey Opp, is set to testify about the value of his lost opportunities, based on his historical and projected earnings. He claims by Swift attempting to exclude Opp’s testimony entirely, she conveniently skates over the expert’s well-established expertise in economics — calling her overreaching position without merit and demanding the judge deny her motion

Swift argued for the expert to be disqualified because he’s not an expert in the radio industry but rather economics. Muller says,

This argument is absurd on its face. Mr. Opp would not have to practice medicine to opine on a doctor’s lost income, and he does not have to become an expert in the radio industry to opine on Plaintiff’s lost income, both past and future.

Mueller is demanding the judge shut down the singer’s motion and allow his expert to testify in court at the trial.

Here’s the backstory: Mueller sued Swift and her team accusing them of getting him fired from his job at the Colorado country music station 98.5 KYGO, where he worked since 2013.

He attended a meet and greet at Taylor Swift’s concert on June 2nd 2013. While backstage in front of the singer, he explained that both him and his girlfriend complimented her and then took photos along with receiving autographs. He said the interaction went great and the singer

remained pleasant as she bid them goodbye.

Things took a turn for the worse when the singer’s bodyguard approached the radio DJ later in the night and accused him of grabbing Taylor’s butt when they took their photo. He said he was then kicked out of the venue and eventually his bosses fired him for the allegations by Taylor’s people. He filed suit demanding unspecified damages.

Taylor fired back at the former radio host’s lawsuit accusing her of causing him to be terminated from his job. The singer admits that she took a photo with Mueller and his girlfriend the night of her concert. However, she said that the Mueller, NOT his co-worker, was the one who improperly and inappropriately groped her when taking a photo. She stated that her security team correctly accused Mueller of this because he did in fact do it.

Swift counter-sued Mueller for sexual assault against her on the night of the concert when she was only 23-years-old. The singer says she knows Mueller’s co-worker and she clearly remembers that he was NOT the one who assaulted her but it was Mueller. Both parties are preparing for the upcoming trial in the case.

Recently, Swift filed docs demanding Mueller not be allowed to present expert testimony that would allege he was damaged to the tune of $2.9 million due to the singer having him fired following the alleged incident

Swift explains the DJ has proposed an expert witness, Jeffrey B. Opp, to testify during the trial about the amount of lost wages Mueller will lose in the next 15 years due to the incident. His report listed Mueller’s expected lost earnings due to being terminated due to Swift would amount to $2,916,637. Mueller planned to use this expert testimony to convince the jury he was damaged and the singer needs to pay up.

The singer claimed Opp’s testimony had been previously excluded twice by the court in other cases and should be here too. She accused him of lacking qualifications as an expert witness and his opinions were not based on facts, arguing his testimony should not be presented to the jury.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams