EXCLUSIVE: Mathew Knowles – Company Demands $$ Over Scrapped Super Bowl Concert

Mathew Knowles – Company Demands $$ Over Scrapped Concert

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Mathew Knowles is facing more legal problems. A music company has filed new legal docs against him over a scrapped Super Bowl music festival and they are demanding up to $1 million dollars in damages for his actions.

Here’s the latest: On July 17th, Fun Fest Entertainment headed back to court filing an amended complaint against Beyonce’s famous father, Mathew Knowles.

The company explains they are now seeking damages no less than $200k and no more than $1 million dollars. They say they chose Knowles’ venue due to his name recognition in the music and entertainment industry — only to have him screw them over by renting out the facility to another party despite them signing an agreement.

They accuse Knowles of making false representations when entering into the settlement with them, due to him not having the ability to pay them according to the terms of the contract, and/or he did not have the intent to pay them.

EXCLUSIVE: Mathew Knowles - Company Demands $$ Over Scrapped Super Bowl Concert

Mathew Knowles

Here’s the backstory: Fun Fest Entertainment filed suit against Mathew Knowles and his Music World Properties. The company is comprised of entrepreneurs that partnered to take advantage of the fact the Super Bowl was taking place in Houston, Texas this year.

They planned on producing a music festival that would take place over the course of February 2nd – 6th. The festival would feature A-list musical performers and attract guests numbering in the thousands.

They choose a venue owned by Knowles for it’s ability to handle the logistics of the event, but also due to its proximity of the other Super Bowl events and they admit they also choose it due to Knowles name recognition in the music industry.

A lease contract was negotiated in April 2016. However, they say Knowles then entered into a deal with another company to rent out the venue. They originally sued Knowles back in October seeking an injunction that would prohibit him from renting out the venue to anyone else.

A settlement was reached between Knowles and Fun Fest Entertainment, with the company explaining due to the Super Bowl approaching it was time sensitive.

The deal stated Knowles would pay $16,500 within 3 days of the deal, an additional $23,500 within 14 days and $25k before February 10th. However, they accuse him of breaching their deal and not paying. The company demanded the entire amount due per their settlement … to the tune of $65,000.

Knowles has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams