EXCLUSIVE: Sisqo’s Legal Battle w/ Sony Over Half Mill In Royalties Dismissed



Sisqo’s Legal Battle w/ Sony Over Half Mill In Royalties Dismissed

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Sisqo’s (real name Mark Andrews) legal battle with Sony is officially over. On December 4th, docs were filed explaining that the 39-year-old Dru Hill star and label had reached an agreement. The case was officially closed with all claims dismissed against each party.

Here’s the backstory: Sisqo filed a federal lawsuit against 27 Red Music Publishing and Sony Music accusing them of stealing more than half a million dollar of royalties he was owed. The singer claimed that he hired a company, 27 Red Music, to collect his music royalties from various publishing companies. The company was to collect all money he was owed for his music released from 1996 to 2005. Sisqo’s biggest hit in that time frame was the legendary “Thong Song” from 1999.

The complaint explained that the 27 Red Music did collect the royalties but failed to hand over $600k he was owed, the singer filed suit for the $600k he was owed along with $3 million in punitive damages from the company for withholding music royalties.

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On May 4th, EMI April Music – incorrectly sued under Sony Music in the lawsuit – fired back at Sisqo’s allegations of screwing him out of music royalty payments.

The label explained that the artist failed to bring his lawsuit in the time required by law – with the statute of limitations saying Sisqo had until 2009 to file such a case.

Further, EMI said that they were instructed to send all royalties to 27 Red Music back in 2005, which they say they have done.

They said that if Sisqo had any issue with his royalties being paid, he needed to take it up with 27 Red Music not them. They simply were following orders on who they were told to pay the royalties to for Sisqo. EMI demanded the entire lawsuit be thrown out and the singer be awarded nothing from them in this legal battle.

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Authored by: TJB Writer