EXCLUSIVE: Boosie Badazz – Officials Want Rapper’s Lawsuit Over Alleged Mall Attack Dismissed

EXCLUSIVE: Boosie Badazz - Officials Want Rapper's Lawsuit Over Alleged Mall Attack Dismissed

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EXCLUSIVE: Boosie Badazz – Officials Want Rapper’s Lawsuit Over Alleged Mall Attack Dismissed

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, the city of Biloxi, Mississippi is demanding Boosie Badass’ (formerly Lil Boosie) lawsuit over an alleged mall attack – where an officer is accused of hurling racial slurs – be dismissed.

Here’s the backstory: The rapper sued the store Dillard’s, Biloxi Police Department and the Edgewater Mall. The lawsuit was over an incident that went down at the Mississippi mall in April 2017.

Boosie explained he showed up to the mall the day after a performance to,

Engage his local fans and supporters, and purchase goods in support of the local community. 

“Upon entering the Dillard’s department store”, he walked to the men’s section and as he was reaching for an item, he was confronted by a plain clothes Biloxi Police Officer working as an employee of Dillard’s.

The unknown officer allegedly demanded he leave the store premises and sprayed him in the face with mace. Boosie claimed the officer proceeded to hurl racial slurs at him including the N-word.

Boosie claimed he was with his cousins and other members of his team in the store. The officer is accused of spraying them both with mace and hurling racial slurs at them as well.

The rapper claimed his cousin was pregnant at the time and as a result of the assault, she began having contractions and gave birth prematurely to twins at 27 weeks. The suit says both kids now suffer from cardiac, respiratory and other issues as a result. Boosie and the others sued for unspecified damages.

Here’s the latest: Recently, Dillard’s headed to court denying all allegations of wrongdoing. The store argues any alleged injuries were caused by third parties outside their control. They say no actions on their part caused the medical injuries claimed in the lawsuit and argues any injuries were pre-existing before the incident in their store.

The City of Biloxi responded also denying all allegations they did anything wrong or that any wrongful conduct occurred. They are demanding the entire lawsuit be dismissed against them. The case is ongoing.

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Authored by: TJB Writer