Mathew Knowles – Blue Ivy Is A Star!

Mathew Knowles – Blue Ivy Is A Star!

Blue Ivy Carter is a star and her grandfather Mathew Knowles already knows it. The father of of Beyonce and Solange says,

Blue Ivy is a star. She is just a star. I can see.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

She reminds me a lot of Beyoncé and Solange when they were that age.

He’s also open to Blue wanting to follow in her mother and father’s footsteps.

I would support anything and everything. I only have one criteria: Is that your passion? Is that the thing that excites you when you go to bed at night and you can’t wait until the next day?

He continues,

If it is your passion, then you have a huge chance of being successful. It can’t be what I want or what your mother and father want. It needs to be what you want to do. So if that was [her] passion, absolutely, I would be all for it.

Solange & Mathew

Mathew, who managed Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, says that he watched both of his daughters from a very young age, find their passion and pursue it.

[Beyoncé and Solange] work very hard because at a very early, early age, they were very clear on what their passion was. I think the parenting of Tina and myself combined allowed our kids to really find their passion at an early age. Then, we surrounded them with the tools that they needed, likewise to a number of parents. That’s what parenting is all about. At a very young age, they knew that they wanted to be in the music industry and to perform. That’s what they’ve done, starting at 4, 5 years old.


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Authored by: TJB Writer