Shanquella Robinson’s Father Believes Friends On Cabo Trip Plotted Her Murder Out Of Envy & Jealousy: For Them To Take Her Away From Me Like That, You Know, It’s Sad

Shanquella Robinson’s Father Believes Friends On Cabo Trip Plotted Her Murder Out Of Envy & Jealousy: For Them To Take Her Away From Me Like That, You Know, It’s Sad

Shanquella Robinson’s father, Bernard Robinson, could sense that there was more to the death of his daughter than what was initially being told.

In his latest interview, Bernard Robinson spoke about the heartbreaking demise of Shanquella Robinson and the six individuals who are suspected to have been behind it.

Shanquella Robinson

On Oct. 28, 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson left her home in Charlotte, North Carolina to embark on a trip with friends to Cabo, Mexico. The next day, she was pronounced dead inside the villa where she and her crew had booked their stay.

The victim’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, first received a notification that Robinson passed from alcohol poisoning. However, a video then surfaced throughout social media of the young woman seemingly being brutally beaten by one of her fellow vacation attendees. Robinson’s death was later determined to be a result of a broken neck and severe shattering of the spinal cord.

When speaking of the tragic loss of the thriving business owner, Bernard Robinson said:

“My life done changed behind all this. I didn’t know the friends; I just know they went to college with her. That’s about it. They supposed to been going over there to celebrate one of their birthdays. But, evidently, I guess they plotted–jealous and envious of her–and did what they did to her for no such reason. I mean, you know, she didn’t see it coming.”

He then elaborated on what followed the moments after being informed of his daughter’s death.

“The friends ain’t tell me nothing. [The] friends just told her mom, you know, that they came back with the luggage and her phone. [They] just came back and sat down at her sister’s house, and ate food, and sat there and just told them that big lie that it was alcohol poisoning, which I knew it wasn’t. Deep down in my heart. Because I knew how I raised her.”

According to Mr. Robinson, his baby girl would never drink to the point of putting herself in harm’s way.

“She drunk a little, but alcohol poisoning? Nah. We all did that when we was coming up a little bit–just experiencing things. But, still, at the same time, she knew herself, and I knew her. I know that [was] my daughter by just how I raised her, and I know, for a fact, she [was] too smart and too intelligent to put herself in that kind of situation like that.”

Shanquella Robinson, right, with her mom at left

The grieving dad added to that by revealing that, since Robinson’s murder, he hadn’t heard any type of condolences from the friends or the parents of the friends.

“They didn’t even reach out to me. They ain’t called and said, ‘Mr. Robinson, we’re sorry about Shanquella.’ Their parents ain’t called; they ain’t gave no kind of condolences, whatsoever, ma’am. So, I’m not even gon’ say they’re friends, ma’am. They’re not friends.”

Nearly two months later, the Robinson family is still searching for solid answers.

Last week, Mexican prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for an alleged suspect in the case after authorities believed that Robinson’s killing was prompted by “injuries inflicted by one of the travel companions.” Marked as a femicide, the person of criminal interest has yet to be identified. Conflicting reports claim that someone was taken into custody. However, Salamondra Robinson just recently complained about the FBI’s failure to offer her details on the status of her daughter’s ongoing investigation.

She anxiously expressed,

“I’m just trying to wait for somebody to be arrested. The FBI is not telling anything.” 

Shanquella Robinson’s parents, Bernard and Salamondra.

Robinson’s father remembered her as a genuine human being who only had great intentions with people.

“She was real. She was a people person. Loving and caring. You know, [she] cared about folks, [and she] never did look down on nobody. You know, [the] only thing she wanted to do was just enjoy life. She was a very smart and intelligent young lady.”

Our deepest prayers go out to the loved ones of Shanquella Robinson.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell