Cardi B Has A Ghostwriter & Still Can’t Compete w/ Nicki Minaj According to Funk Flex

Cardi B Has A Ghostwriter & Still Can't Compete w/ Nicki Minaj According to Funk Flex

Cardi B Has A Ghostwriter & Still Can’t Compete w/ Nicki Minaj According to Funk Flex

Funkmaster Flex is a hip hop purist. Even though his passionate rants, often get him in trouble with fans, the legendary DJ has been a major force on New York’s Hot 97 since the early 90’s. He gets exceptionally emotional about ‘ghostwriting’ (which is when a rapper passes off as their own, lyrics secretly written by someone else.) Through social media and over the airwaves he has slammed Drake and others for this old school hip hop violation.

Most recently, he has taken issue with rapper Cardi B. Her gold selling debut album “Invasion of Privacy” has been well received and is setting streaming service records. Even though Cardi B is from New York City, Flex could not resist calling out his fellow Bronx native recently in a series of scathing Instagram Live videos. He says,

I don’t care what Cardi B’s opinion is when you don’t write your own sh-t! The lyrics are so simple for Cardi B songs..Even with a ghostwriter, she is not touching Nicki.


In another clip he also stated,

When your sh*t gets funny, don’t go on the gram and turn your comments off, [and] don’t fire your management as soon as you get to the right place!

This appears to be obvious reference to Cardi B now being represented by Quality Control, instead of her old management team. In an recent interview she addressed the ghostwriting rumors saying,

I write some stuff. I do certain things. Pardison (Fontaine) is my mentor. He would tell me, ‘This sounds wack. I think you should change this. I think you should change that. That wordplay is not popping.’

Technically, Fontaine is still not a ‘ghostwriter’ because his name appears in the credits for “Be Careful” and “Bodak Yellow.” She also addressed the mindset of her critics in recent interviews stating,

A lot of people wanted to eat me up like, ‘You have a ghostwriter.’ First of all, no, I always shouted him out. I always give him credit. I even gave him a big shout out on iHeartRadio because I feel like he’s a big part of my music. He’s one of my friends. Why not make my people some money?

The sudden love for Nicki Minaj over Cardi B may come as a surprise considering the criticism Flex gave Nicki during last year’s feud with Remy Ma and up until last week. Even Nicki Minaj was surprised Flex liked her two new singles (“Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz”) in another video Flex reveals,

Nicki’s two new songs, I think it’s good music. I think she proved me wrong with me saying that she was trash. I think that she’s making good music.

What are your thoughts on Funk Flex and his Cardi B statements? 

By: @TheDiamondKShow

Authored by: Kellie Williams