EXCLUSIVE: Kordell Stewart On The Hunt For $3 Million He Won From Gay Rumor Lawsuit

Kordell Stewart, Andrew Caldwell

EXCLUSIVE: Kordell Stewart Wants The $3 Million He Won From Gay Rumor Lawsuit

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Kordell Stewart is taking legal action to collect on the money that is owed to him by internet star Andrew Caldwell.

Here’s the latest: On May 4, the former NFL star (who was married to Porsha Williams and was on the Real Housewives of Atlanta) filed docs in New York to register the $3 million judgment that he won in his lawsuit against Andrew over a gay rumor that he discussed during a radio interview. Stewart won $3 million in a civil lawsuit he filed against Caldwell. Stewart is on the hunt for his money and with registering the judgement in New York, he can begin the process of going after Caldwell’s property and assets to collect on his millions.

Here’s the backstory: Stewart won a lawsuit against Stewart – who claimed the two had a gay relationship – with a judge determining Stewart’s reputation was significantly damaged by the rumors. Caldwell gained fame online, when a viral video of him declaring that God saved him from being gay went viral. In the clip, Caldwell told a congregation,

I’m not gay no more.

See the clip.

Stewart filed the lawsuit in October 2015. Stewart claimed Caldwell spread lies about them having a sexual relationship on a video that went viral and was posted on line.

In Caldwell’s interview, he alleged to not only being intimate with Stewart, but he also claimed that he bought him expensive cars, purses and other gifts.

Kordell denied the allegations in his complaint noting that he has always been a heterosexual male and never had relations with his man. He called the allegations defamatory and said it caused him public embarrassment and ridicule along with damaging his career, reputation and hurt his family.

Shortly after Kordell filed suit, Caldwell admitted publicly again that fabricated the entire story.

A judge responded and granted Kordell’s motion for default judgement due to Caldwell never appearing in court.

Stewart filed docs asking for $4.5 million in damages from Caldwell noting that Caldwell’s comments not only hurt his reputation, but caused his 9-year-old son to be ridiculed and bullied. He also claimed that he could not make public appearances because of the controversy and was losing opportunities to make money from these gigs. He said not making these appearances cost him in excess of $875k to $1 million dollars. He also wanted an additional $2 million in general damages for the emotional stress and professional harm and $15,340 to pay a company to repair his brand.

A judge ruled denying his request for $4.5 million, but instead awarded him a total of $1.5 million in general damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages for a grand total of $3 million dollars.

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Authored by: TJB Writer