“Everyday Struggle” Loses Another Co-Host

“Everyday Struggle” Loses Another Co-Host

Everyday Struggle is a popular YouTube show launched last April and produced by Complex News. The show originally featured rapper Joe Budden facing off with DJ Akademiks. The two debated various rap related topics with Nedeska acting as moderator. It was a winning formula. Much to fans dismay,  Budden exited after one season, reportedly over contract negotiations.

Fans feared the show’s future was in jeopardy. However, in January Everyday Struggle returned for
season two with controversial media personality STAR replacing Budden. Regardless of off air tension, chemistry began to develop between the cast members. The show’s popularity continued to rise and all was well – so we thought. The most recent episode of the series was published in late March. Fans again fear the show had ended. Last month, Nadeska said via Twitter,

Everyday Struggle will be back everyone, chillll. Sending me threats when the show’s ON, sending me threats when the show’s OFF lol. can’t win with ya’ll.

As much as she attempts to comfort fans, something is clearly going on. Based on recent comments, DJ Akademiks future on the show might be in question. He is now pursuing rap career as “Lil AK.” Recently on his YouTube show “The Star Report”, STAR announced he is no longer a part of Everyday Struggle saying,

I requested a release from my agreement a while ago. I requested a release. I didn’t quit. I’m not a quitter, but I requested a release and today (May 3), I finally got it. So, let me say thank you to Complex. Thank you so much. I’m just busy, I got moves to make, I appreciate everybody that I work with over there. The wonderful, wonderful staff, the production, the PAs, everyone getting up bright and early in the morning. Thank you.


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Authored by: Kellie Williams