50 Cent Calls Out A$AP Rocky Wearing Male Purse

50 Cent Calls Out A$AP Rocky Wearing Male Purse

It’s no secret that 50 Cent is all about trolling his friends and fellow celebrities these days. He’s also no stranger to controversy, even if it’s ribbing between friends. Upon seeing a recent photo of A$AP Rocky on one of his social media pages, 50 Cent has some words of advice for Ricky,

I said get the strap, not get the bag, smh HARLEM SH*T AGAIN. LOL

Normally not one to respond to trolling, A$AP Rocky took to social media to clear his good name and regain his street cred by throwing a couple of jabs of his own, responding,

Oh, u akademics, eneyce, geno green wearing, mecca model in the face ass, u still buy echo 4 ya side hoes

Then, A$AP took the drama up another notch,

Fif dress like him and Eminem got the same stylist

Of course, we all know 50 Cent, couldn’t resist showing the fans it’s all love between him and A$AP, taking one final jab saying,

Look I don’t want no smoke with your community. Can we just be cool, Harlem?

By: Celeste Williams

Authored by: Kellie Williams