Jhene Aiko Trolls Fans With Big Sean Tattoo: I Got Hella Temporary Tattoos

Jhene Aiko Trolls Fans With Big Sean Tattoo: I Got Hella Temporary Tattoos

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean have not made it easy when it comes to keeping track of their relationship. As of late, Aiko teased a fan on Instagram – recently – when asked about why she covered up her tattoo of Big Sean’s face.

Jhene Aiko’s Big Sean Tattoo

She responds,

..cuz I got hella temporary tattoos to troll u guys.

During the beginning of May, Aiko took to Instagram to insinuate the couple had broken it off. Captioning,

Cheers to old beginnings and new endings. It’s never too late to edit.

But on Monday, the couple was seen photo’d together at an award ceremony where Aiko received an “Leadership in Media” award.

In March, we exclusively reported Aiko and Sean were allegedly having relationship problems. Sources claimed Sean and Nicole Scherzinger were seen cozied up at an Oscars Awards after-party. After Aiko found out, she unfollowed Sean on social media, denied the rumors, an later followed him back.

The timeline of when the pair actually started dating is still little cloudy, but is suspected to have begun in 2016. At the height of 2018, Aiko did an interview with BBC radio, and discussed how Big Sean and she began their relationship.

She explained Sean and her did not actually meet until 2013. With the months that followed, their relationship remained strictly platonic. Eventually, the couple became one, and in 2017, Aiko allegedly got a tattoo of Big Sean’s face on the inside of her arm one week after she divorced producer, Dot da Genius.

By: CaDarius Booker

Authored by: Kellie Williams