Andrew Caldwell – Kordell Stewart Tried To Shut Down My Credit Cards!

Kordell Stewart, Andrew Caldwell

Andrew Caldwell – Kordell Stewart Tried To Shut Down My Credit Cards!

Kordell Stewart is determined to receive what is owed to him. In a new video, viral Internet personality, Andrew Caldwell, is stating Stewart has put a hold on his credit cards. This week, he took to social media to elaborate on what happened when his credit was declined. He started off,

I went in the store on today, and I got excited because I wasn’t going to use my debit card.

Soon come, Caldwell finds out Stewart (allegedly) has shut down his credit cards due to the court ruling.  He explains,

Do you know Kordell [Stewart] has shut down all my credit cards?! But let me tell you something! He gets no joy! He gets no peace! They try to shut down my credit cards, but let me tell you something!

He continues,

I had to fax over a letter! I went to the hotel – because I don’t have no fax machine, and I ain’t afraid to say it either! Honey, look at God, they unblocked it! They said I had a garnishment on my credit cards. So now you stealing credit? You stealing credit tonight?

There’s a perfect explanation as to why Stewart may have allegedly attempted to shut down Caldwell’s credit cards. In October 2015, Stewart filed a civil lawsuit against Caldwell due to the Internet personality making alleged claims he and Stewart shared a sexual history. In an interview, Caldwell also noted while Stewart was still married to Porsha Williams, Stewart would shower Caldwell with a expensive gifts (cars and purses). In the suit, Stewart said these claims were false. He and Caldwell never had sexual relations, and he has always been a heterosexual man. He also stated these type of statements made affected his family.

Originally, Stewart wanted $4.5 million, and the judge denied the request and awarded him a lesser value. Stewart was awarded a whopping $3 million for the victory of his civil suit; with a breakdown of $1.5 million in general damages and another 1.5 million punitive damages. At the beginning of May, obtained documents detailing the victory, and the former NFL player’s motioning to register the judgement in New York so he can collect what is he owed.

By Cadarius Booker

Authored by: TJB Writer