T-Pain Sues Konvict For Unpaid Royalties – You Owe Me Almost Half A Million!


T-Pain Sues Konvict For Unpaid Royalties From His Fifth Album

In 2017, after six years or radio silence, T-Pain finally released “Oblivion”, his fifth studio album. Despite this being a joyous occasion for T-Pain fans, everything on the business side wasn’t going as planned.

T-Pain, real name Faheem Rasheed Najm, signed a six-album deal with Konvict Music in 2005. Normally, the self-proclaimed “rapper turned singer” would be paid an advance for his albums. That was the case with his first four but when it came to “Oblivion”, that never happened.

T-Pain says he is owed a minimum of $200,000 as an advance for the album and another $200,000 with its delivery. He says he’s also owed “semi-annual royalty accountings and payments” per their agreement.

This wouldn’t be the first time T-Pain has had to battle it out for his money. Back in November, T-Pain sued Cash Money Records for $500,000 in royalties stemming from his work on Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter III.” He also attempted to sue his booking agency but later dropped the suit.

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