Joie Chavis Hints at Future Being Her Baby Daddy, Warns Haters: Keep Negative Energy Away!


Joie Chavis Hints at Future Being Her Baby Daddy

Joie Chavis is widely known for being the baby mother to rapper and executive producer, Bow Wow. The 29-year-old broke the news earlier this week she was pregnant, and as word spread, social media began to speculate who the father of her unborn child was.

Reportedly, Ciara’s baby father, Future, is the latest partner she’s been linked to and she might have just confirmed it. Chavis addressed these new allegations via her Instagram Story; qualifying Future as the father. The expecting mother delivered a gracious, but cautioning announcement in response to her surprising pregnancy news. She begins by giving gratitude for the love and support she’s received. She states,

Despite the fact that I’ve been terribly sick this pregnancy, overall I’m happy, healthy, getting my energy back and I really appreciate the outpour of love and support from those who have reached out to me.

She also address the backlash she’s been given since the initial announcement of her pregnancy,

On another note, what in the GHETTO! Lol please keep the negative energy off my page and leave those clowns to their circus.

As she concludes, she acknowledges she understands she has to be the bigger person,

I’m going to continue to take the high road and fly high. High enough to shit on a wig or two. Ha just kidding guys. Be blessed.

In another post, she simply informs,

…and please don’t pity me. I’m good luv, enjoy.

There is no official word as to when Chavis and Future became an item, but it’s suspected around late last year.

Bow Wow, Joie & their daughter circa 2015

During Chavis and Bow’s relationship, they conceived daughter named Shai Moss, 6. This will be Chavis second child and Future’s fifth. Chavis has had her fair share of drama. When news broke Bow and his baby mama had gotten back together, his ex-girlfriend Erica Mena was livid. In 2016, both women shared an exchange of words via social media.

Erica Mena & Bow Wow's Baby Mama Joie Chavis Drag Each Other: You have no career!

Erica Mena & Bow Wow's Baby Mama Joie Chavis Drag Each Other: You have no career!

Future has yet to comment.

By: Cadarius Booker 


Authored by: TJB Writer