Tamron Hall On New Talk Show ‘Its’ Surreal’, Says There’s no Competition With Her & Kelly Clarkson

Tamron Hall, Kelly Clarkson

Tamron Hall On New Talk Show ‘Its’ Surreal’, Says There’s no Competition With Her And Kelly Clarkson

Tamron Hall is just as excited about her comeback as we are. The daytime talk show host, whose exit from the Today show is still just as surprising now as it was three years ago, is gearing up for her own syndicated talk show. She spoke on her return to the small screen, scheduled for September 9, and said,

“It is one of the most exciting things in my life currently, and perhaps in my 48 years. I never imagined this. Never. It’s surreal, it’s like being on a magic carpet and you’re just floating.”

She spoke on her exit and revealed,

“On the outside, it looked like it was all together. ‘Look at her, she’s walking out, her head up.’ My head is never going to be bowed, but I had to pray not to be broken.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever said this out loud, but every ‘no’ that I received in my life, and there have been many, it’s made sense at some point in time. Even things I prayed to get and ‘Oh my gosh, I want that job,’ and I didn’t get it, I look back and I say, ‘Whew, thank goodness I didn’t get that.'”

She added that when it comes to her own show, she’s not worried about other new talk shows like American Idol veteran Kelly Clarkson, whose show debuts on the same day as Hall’s. 

“There’s not a head to head. Anyone who would write, ‘oh there’s a battle’ is simply looking for a headline. Kelly Clarkson will have a phenomenal show and I’m not just saying that, I’m saying that because I’m a fan of hers on American Idol, and she’s a fun-loving person. Her show is going to be different from mine, but we’re still talking.”

She likened her return to that of Ellen DeGeneres, whose talk show is mega-popular to say the least after her years on the Ellen sitcom.

Hall added,

“I watched Ellen [DeGeneres] rebuild her career from a sitcom star, to, as you say, ‘the fish that saved her life’ as Dory [in Finding Nemo], to somebody we love to watch every day … in some ways, this is kind of that.”

Still, it’s safe to say that times have changed since DeGeneres’s talk show first aired in 2003.

Hall said,

“[We are] living in a unique time. If you’re telling your children this is the worst this country has ever seen, you’re doing a disservice to your children.”

Tamron Hall

And she plans to cover it all in her show.

“When people talk about it now and are [like], ‘Would you ever?’ it’s like ‘Have you ever watched Phil Donahue, Oprah Winfrey, Mike Douglas?’ I point to television history to say, please Google any talk show lineup. It’s not an elimination of anything.”

“We can have a segment on any given day in the culture of what you and I would be talking about with our friends … You guys got married? Oh, y’all broke up? What are the tips? Multi-million dollar companies are built on love, so let’s talk about it.”

Hall also dished on her personal life and said her choice to keep her recent pregnancy and the early stages of her relationship with her husband Steve Greener personal, is

“proof you can keep things private.”

Tamron Hall and son Moses

“For him, he wants my show to make it, but he wants our marriage to work and he knows part of that is maintaining this foundation and him being comfortable with who he is and not pushed into someone he isn’t.”

“We’re an interracial couple, we’re both older parents, he’s from the Bronx, I’m from Texas, that alone is a divide. We knew we wanted to prepare ourselves for what this exciting journey would bring.”

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Source: Good Housekeeping

Authored by: Char Patterson