Joseline Hernandez Calls Out Nicki Minaj: You Know What You Did To Me!

Joseline Hernandez Alludes To Beef With Nicki Minaj

Former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Joseline Hernandez, has never been one to shy away from airing out her drama on social media for the world to see. Surprisingly, her child’s father, music producer and reality star, Stevie J, wasn’t the target. This time her Twitter fingers were aimed at “Nikki.” Joseline tweeted:

I just to love the b*tch…but when you show your true colors…every one on the music game told me they can’t stand you or work with you…and i always took your side. But you a flaw b*tch Nikki. Don’t say sh*t to me. You know what you did.

Reality TV aficionados would think Joseline is referring to Nikki “Miss Nikki Baby” Mudarris, considering she’s a part of the franchise’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast. But Joseline’s follow-up tweets allude that she’s beefing with rapper, Nicki Minaj. This tweet was the confirmation:

And get off my page Barbie thots

Joseline’s tweeting spree continued:

Suck a n*gga d*ck or something

Im s [a] rich b*tch. 100 million just off tv

Now get back to sucking my d*ck

This comes a surprise to avid Nicki Minaj fans, because she has always made it known that she was a “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta fan. She even imitated Joseline in her song, “The Boys,” featuring Cassie. She lovingly rapped:

Lop-sided on the curb so I block the coupes

Watch the deuce

Man I’m stingy with my cootie cat, daddy

Did you ever really love me, Steebie?

What happened between Joseline Hernandez and Nicki Minaj?

By: Miata Shanay

Authored by: TJB Writer