Chance The Rapper Says “Get Off My Dick!” After Being Criticized Over Proposal


Chance The Rapper Says “Get Off My Dick!” After Being Criticized Over Proposal

On the heels of proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Chance The Rapper is facing some criticism. Over the Fourth of July holiday, the Chicago rapper, 25, popped the question to Kirsten Corley, at a barbecue.

Upon the video of his proposal going viral one Twitter user had some choice words about the act. He wrote,

Can I be honest? I really thought Chance the rapper proposal was extra hot smelly trash. I’m all for keeping it simple but 5 years and kid. She deserved a little more effort. It was kinda f*ck boyish like well I guess we can finally get married.

Chance the Rapper promptly DM’ed his thoughts to the user – and of course, he broadcasted it to his followers. Chance said:

I know you were prolly saying all that sh*t to be funny, but its still pretty wack that u had all them tweets worth of hate for another n*ggas proposal. Get off my d*ck.

The Twitter user publicly responded:

So @chancetherapper decided to search his name on twitter and saw what I said about his proposal. Then took it upon himself to DM me. To respond to your statement I thought it was wack and I think you are too. Don’t DM me.

Chance responded:

U still didn’t get the point. Get off my d*ck. You comparing my actual engagement to what you would do for your imaginary bae IF you proposed. Don’t be mad I’m personally telling you that sh*t is wack. It is. You have expectations for my personal life but don’t have access to my life in a way that would ever allow you to understand any of the emotions evoked by me and my fiancée getting engaged I the place we did. You saw a small amount of info on a blog somewhere and started attacking me and having full discourse with someone else about my character and one of the best days of my life. You can say whatever u want I can also tell u to get off my d*ck if I see it.


However, Chance and Kirsten couldn’t be happier. As we previously reported, Kirsten took to Instagram to share the great news. She said:

I ain’t even got words. I lost it. God first, love wins!!!!!!!

Chance and Kirsten share a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter named, Kensli.

Was Chance wrong for popping off on the critic?

By: Miata_Shanay

Authored by: Kellie Williams