Legendary ‘Star Trek’ Actress Nichelle Nichols Heard Screaming For Help In Audio, Amidst Conservatorship Battle W/ Son

Legendary ‘Star Trek’ Actress Nichelle Nichols Heard Screaming For Help In Audio, Amidst Conservatorship Battle W/ Son 

Fans of the iconic sci-fi series Star Trek are sure to be saddened by the recent news involving legendary actress Nichelle Nichols, who starred as Uhura on the series back in the 1960s. According to reports, she is in the middle of heartbreaking conservatorship battle involving her son—and a audio of a disturbing encounter between the two has made its way online.

86-year-old Nichelle Nichols is reportedly fighting for control of her life, after shocking claims have surfaced alleging that her son is trying to file documents to become her conservator—documents that she says she was unaware of and does not approve of. Her son, former actor Kyle Johnson, is also being accused of elder abuse, by not only Nichols, but also her long-time manager Gilbert Bell.

Nichols is reportedly suffering from dementia and Bell, along with other close friends, claim that Johnson’s attempt to act as Nichols’ conservator is due to his ill intentions. In the audio, Nichols can be heard telling Bell,

“I’m the boss of me Gill, he’s [Johnson] not the boss of me.”

Also in the audio in the Nichols is reportedly looking over court documents for the conservatorship to gain control of her estate for the first time. This causes Nichols to proclaim,

“I didn’t give permission to have conservatorship over me. I didn’t know what he was doing.”

Next in the audio of a video, which Bell sent to local media outlets, her son allegedly enters the room to stop the meeting between his mother and Bell. It is then that Nichols can be heard screaming,

“You get your hands off me. You’re trying to get rid of me.”

When asked by a local news outlet to comment on the accusations against him, Johnson declined to comment.

Nichols made history over 50 years ago when her character Uhura kissed Captain Kirk on Star Trek. The interracial kiss between the two was controversial and groundbreaking, as it occurred only a year after interracial marriage was deemed legal.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings