Docs Confirm Charlamagne’s DNA Not Found On Rape Victim

Docs Confirm Charlamagne’s DNA Not Found On Rape Victim

On Friday morning, The Breakfast Club radio personality Charlamagne Tha God issued an official (and possibly final) statement regarding a sexual assault that occurred during a party at his home in 2001. In his statement, which he made on his radio show, he acknowledged his poor choice of words when discussing his past experiences and assured that documented evidence will prove that he not only cooperated with the sexual assault investigation in 2001, but provided a DNA sample that proved he did not sleep with the 15-year-old accuser.

Charlamagne Tha God

The documents from that night show that Charlamagne was cooperative with the investigation, before and after knowing he was accused of any wrongdoing. Charlamagne immediately went to the Sheriff’s office at his own will, without his lawyer, despite being on probation. He was also willing to immediately provide a semen sample and urged his cousins to do so as well.

According to the results from the rape kit, there was “nothing of apparent serological evidentiary value” that ties the radio host to the sexual assault. Fingernail scrapings, vaginal, oral, rectal smears and vaginal, oral and rectal swabs were done. All of which did not match Charlamagne’s DNA.


Reportedly, there were multiple suspects named in the investigation, none of who Charlamagne knew or had any relationship with.

It looks like Charlamagne will finally be able to put this all behind him once again.

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