‘Insecure’ Fans Create A Petition To Have Jay Ellis Return To The Show

‘Insecure’ Fans Create A Petition To Have Jay Ellis Return To The Show

#LawrenceHive is not taking Jay Ellis‘ absence from Insecure season 3 very well so they’ve decided to do something about it. A group of fans have created a petition asking HBO to bring Lawrence back on the show.  They write:

Over the past two seasons, Jay Ellis has portrayed the conflicted and realistic ways Lawrence has dealt with difficult and rarely explored issues for men such as infidelity, male friendship, depression, and toxic masculinity.

We want Lawrence back on Insecure — but if he can’t come back then HBO should give him HIS OWN SHOW! Sign the petition to make sure HBO hears from every Insecure and Jay Ellis fan right now.

The petition has reached nearly 10,000 signatures so far. It has spread like wildfire on social media, especially with the group taking out an ad on Facebook. The petition even reached Issa Rae.

However, season 3 has been shot and according to everyone involved, Jay Ellis won’t be on the show this season. On the bright side, season 3 premieres on August 12 and Issa will have a lot more eye candy for us.

Authored by: Eleven8