Foxy Brown Blocks Singer Stefflon Don Over Lil Kim

Stefflon Don, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim

Foxy Brown Blocks Singer Stefflon Don Over Lil Kim

Was it that deep? Our favorite British bombshell, “Hurting Me” rapper Stefflon Don has found herself on legendary rapper Foxy Brown’s bad side. Stefflon called her out on Instagram with a screenshot as proof that Foxy Brown blocked her. Stefflon thinks Foxy is jealous of another legendary female rapper. Her caption read:

“@stefflondon But wait Why one of my fav aunties got to block me cuz i show love to the other ??? tag her n tell her chill sis, be secure shit ain’t that deep and she should focus more on her president and the GMO’S they put in our food ???? #SECURE #MIXTAPE #AUGUST17 #STEFFLONDON #FoxyBrown #FamilyFeud #IStillLoveMyAuntie #ShesJustTired #WaitIfImBlocked #IDontThingkTheTagWouldWork ???”

@foxy_brown_nation, an Instagram account for Foxy Brown fans, proceeded to attack Stefflon in the comment section.


Stefflon couldn’t resist clapping back. She replied:

“@stefflondon You and your fan page be doing to much just tag mi auntie, take a deep breath in and calm ya likkle nerves hun”

Instagram user @woothough suggested Stefflon give Foxy Brown a call to smooth things over.

“@woothough Call her”

Stefflon replied:

“@stefflondon lost my phone with her number”

When Stefflon mentioned “showing love to the other, she was referring to her newest mixtape cover which pays homage to veteran rapper Lil Kim’s “Notorious K.I.M.” album cover.

Earlier this week, Stefflon Don expressed how disappointed she was that the cover leaked earlier than she wanted it to. She said:

“Um. So I woke up this morning slightly pissed off because my mixtape cover has been leaked. I’m a little pissed off because it’s like, why can’t you trust people? I’m still basically signed to a major label.”

She continued:

“You have to sometimes give stuff early because you want them to start working on it for promotional reasons, whatever the case is. But, so, I saw my shit on Twitter last night and I’m thinking, I know the date I wanted to release it. Now I’m like cool it’s everywhere, it’s kind of circulating. It’s just annoying.”

Is Foxy Brown’s and Lil Kim’s nearly 20-year-old beef still hot enough for Foxy to block Stefflon Don?

Written by Miata Shanay
Authored by: Kellie Williams