Toya Wright Reveals Hair Loss After Giving Birth To Daughter

Toya Wright Reveals Hair Loss After Giving Birth To Daughter

Toya Wright gave birth to her second child, Reign, back in February. This week, she revealed that in just a few months after giving birth, she has suffered significant hair loss. On a video posted on Instagram, Toya writes:

Postpartum Alopecia Is so real… I didn’t know why my hair was falling out. I just noticed my edges and the middle of my hair were getting super thin. Every time I would wash my hair it would come out in chunks. I’ve always had full edges. I did some research and found out that new moms are surprised to be shedding more hair than usual in the first few months after giving birth, but it’s perfectly normal. there’s no need to panic: Your hair should be back to normal around your baby’s first birthday. That’s way too long to be without edges but it’s a part of the beauty of giving birth. I just wanted to share that with you ladies. Who else is experiencing postpartum hair loss? …..cause I don’t like it

Many other celebrity moms chimed in. Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss revealed that her hair thinned out after having her son Ace and that it hasn’t regained its fullness in two years. Former Bad Girls Club star Tanisha Thomas says that she’s lost a lot of hair in the middle and back of her hair. She recommends prenatal vitamins and Jamaican black castor oil. Kenya Moore, who is currently pregnant, recommended her product “Moore Edges” as a fix.

Mommies, have you experienced postpartum alopecia? How did you combat it?

Authored by: Eleven8