Famous Dex Announces He Has Quit Lean & Xanax: I Just Wanna Thank God [VIDEO]

Famous Dex Announces He Has Quit Lean & Xanax: I Just Wanna Thank God [VIDEO]

Rapper Famous Dex (real name Dexter Gore, Jr.) has revealed that he plans to step away from substances while giving credit to a higher power and his family who inspired him to make his decision. In a video, Dex revealed he is going to give up Xanax and lean. The 25-year old says,

“I just wanna thank God. I don’t do xans, the lean. It’s over with, you know what I’m saying? God is good, God is great. I just wanna thank God for everything.”


He continues, adding he is focused on being better for his children.

“I wanna thank my supporters. I wanna thank everyone for supporting me, everybody that knows me. God is so good. I’m relaxed. I’m chilling, I’m good . . . I’m doing it for me and my children. Get right. Dexter. Make the world get better.”

This announcement comes after admitting he is was addicted to marijuana. The rapper shared that he spends between $5,000-$10,000 per month on marijuana alone.

“I ain’t gonna lie, I’m addicted to marijuana.I love it.”

He continued,

I gotta stop that sh*t. When I get high, I be high. High as a giraffe p*ssy, dog high.

When asked about if there are any other drugs he smokes, Dex says,

“Yeah, I just smoke marijuana.”



Authored by: Gregory Molette