Funk Flex Clears Rumors That Cardi B Paid Him To Play Her Records, But Doesn’t Deny She Paid Others

Funkflex, Cardi B

Funk Flex Clears Rumors That Cardi B Paid Him To Play Her Records, But Doesn’t Deny She Paid Others

It appears that Hot 97’s Funk Flex is slightly backtracking on comments he made regarding Cardi B. Earlier this week, Cardi B was forced to defend herself after fans say she paid for her success. In a lengthy Instagram post, Cardi quickly reminded them that she released several tracks that didn’t pop before eventually striking gold with Bodak Yellow. Cardi B says that it was genuine support that got her where she is, not money.

“YOU [cannot] BUY THE GENERAL PUBLIC NO MACHINE NO MONEY [can] BUY THAT ! Having stadiums sing out your shit YOU CANT BUY THAT ! Having artist listening to your music and supporting you can’t buy that! A NUMBER ONE YOU CANT BUY THAT !”

However, upon seeing Cardi’s post, longtime DJ Funk Flex left a comment insinuating that Cardi wasn’t being truthful.

“I think Cardi is a great entertainer and has great songs!” he wrote. “I gave my opinion when she said she was “King of NY” and when I found out she didn’t write her own songs! I met Cardi and her management and I respected his and Cardi’s hustle! BUT LETS BE CLEAR.. CARDI’S TEAM AND MANY OTHER ARTIST (in the beginning of career) PAY DJS TO PLAY RECORDS AND SAY THAT “THEY ARE HOT” (Since I never took a penny from a rapper I’m not scared to speak on it) I have emails I’ve gotten from labels over the years with names and figures!”

After Flex’s comment spread like wildfire with news outlets reporting  that Cardi paid him, he quickly took to Twitter to clarify.

Let’s be clear! Cardi never paid me to play records.. I played them cause I liked them! Unfortunately many djs have their hands out even if the record is a smash! I seen djs hold good records back until they get a “Bag”

Cardi B then thanked Flex for clearing up the rumor.


Unfortunately, Cardi missed one vital part of Flex’s statement. He never implied that she paid him. In fact, he explicitly claims in his original comment that he’s never accepted money from an artist. However, he never took back what he said about Cardi B’s label offering DJ’s money to play her music. In the same token, Flex never acknowledges that Bodak Yellow was an organic hit that gained Cardi B genuine supporters that reached far beyond radio. While discussing pay-for-play, Flex also had this to say:

Many artist (in the early stages) management and production companies pay to get records played and to get people to say the product is hot! (Before they have a fan base)

Do you think Cardi B had to pay for her success? Does Flex owe her a real apology?

Authored by: Eleven8