Machine Gun Kelly’s Crew Allegedly Attacked Actor Who Harassed Him At Restaurant [VIDEO]

Machine Gun Kelly’s Crew Allegedly Attacked Actor Who Harassed Him At Restaurant [VIDEO]

Fans are taking the beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem entirely too far and one fan learned to mind his business the hard way.

On Thursday, Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez, whose appeared on Power, Ozark, and Chicago PD, was dining at Twin Peaks in Atlanta when he ran into MGK. The actor apparently took issue with MGK amidst his beef with Eminem and decided to let MGK know face to face. While MGK was eating, Rodriguez pulled out his camera and began filming. He then points the camera at Machine Gun Kelly and says,

“I’m gonna say it because it has to be said, you’re a pussy for going for family!”

The video ends there and Rodriguez was asked to leave.

According to Rodriguez, it was two hours later when he was assaulted by MGK’s goons. When Rodriguez was returning to the Hampton Inn across the street from the restaurant, he noticed MGK’s team hanging outside of the tour bus. Words were exchanged and Atlanta PD intervened. The situation moved into the hotel lobby where Rodgriguez offered to beat MGK and his crew individually. Instead, members of MGK’s crew allegedly issued a beat down.

According to the police report, surveillance video caught the altercation.

In the video you can see one tall black male with a bald head and a gray shirt run up behind Mr. Rodriguez, pick him up off of his feet, and body slam him down to the ground. Once on the ground you can see another black male along with two other white males kicking and punching Mr. Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez, who reportedly sustained major injuries to the right side of his face, initially refused hospital treatment. He says Machine Gun Kelly is a “coward” for having his goons jump him. He’s also hired a lawyer and intends to sue. He says that the only way he will drop his lawsuit is if MGK fights him one on one in the ring.

I will drop my lawsuit, everything goes away if he signs a waiver and he meets me in the ring. Whatever rules he wants to use — MMA rules, whatever. I will drop it all if he meets me one-on-one.

Watch Rodriguez’s videos below.

Who do you think was wrong in this incident?

Authored by: Eleven8