Katt Williams Radio Interview – Wanda Smith Upset At Co-Host Frank Ski For Not Interjecting 

Katt Williams Radio Interview – Wanda Smith Upset At Co-Host Frank Ski For Not Interjecting

Katt Williams is continuing to make headlines. As we previously reported, the comedian’s radio appearance on Atlanta’s “Frank and Wanda In the Morning” on V-103 has taken several sharp turns. What started as seemingly harmless jabs between two comedians, turned uncomfortable for Wanda. The Katt Williams ordeal has even stirred up conflict amongst the hosts, Frank Ski and Wanda Smith. They recently discussed the incident on the air in a heated debate. Wanda asked Frank:

“Do you feel like you should’ve stopped it?”

Frank responded, seemingly frustrated,

“First of all, I don’t appreciate people saying, ‘You should’ve stopped it,’ because we both have the responsibility to stop it. You have just as much responsibility to say to go to break as I do. You could’ve looked at the producer and said, ‘OK cut it,’ and he would’ve cut it – but you didn’t do that. You kept going back and forth, so you got just as much power as I do.

He continued,

So, I don’t want people to listen to the show and think that I got this magic button that I push. I’m watching two comedians go back and forth. That’s what we did, and it was funny. And I think that had it gone the other way, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. If you won over Katt Williams, we wouldn’t be sitting here having this conversation. So it’s unfair to say I should’ve stopped it just because you lost.”

Ouch! Wanda explained that Frank Ski and their digital team added fuel to the fire, by allowing it to be posted to the radio station’s website. She said:

“The people that did hear it on the radio, it should’ve been left there. As far as the viral stuff and going on our website, I felt like that was disrespectful to me. This is where I live. I’m not going to bring somebody to my mothers house and have them break in her house. I’m not going to let somebody come in here and disrespect you. If that would’ve happened, I would’ve stepped in.”

Frank explained that he dismissed the quarrel as two comedians joking:

“Understand this: I, as a person who is not a comedian, did not look at it as being disrespectful. I looked at it as two comedians playing the Joneses. Somebody’s got to lose, and it just so happens on that day you lost.”

Wanda explained that she felt Katt had a personal vendetta against her, and that she felt attacked:

“If I do it, it’s in fun…I was looking in his eyes, and it was like it was an attack. I don’t even know what that was. It was like, ‘What did I do to you? Did I say something about you?’ When I was looking at him, I couldn’t even respond. My mouth can go there…but respect wouldn’t let me do that. And the things that I was saying, they were like, ‘Oh, they were weak,’ and it was because I didn’t want to do it.”

The debacle started as Katt Williams making an appearance on the “Frank and Wanda In the Morning” to talk about his recent Emmy win. Katt and Wanda Smith seemed to be poking fun at each other’s hair, and Wanda can be heard repeatedly asking Katt:

“Are you alright this morning?”

Katt the proceeded to go for blood with this comment to Wanda:

“Does that wig and those headphones come together?”

Since then, Wanda’s husband reportedly pulled a gun out on Katt Williams at the Atlanta Comedy Theater, and an investigation is underway.

Who is to blame in the Katt Williams vs Wanda Smith incident?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay