Parker McKenna’s Mom Reacts To Her Daughter Allegedly Being Abused By Chris Sails

Chris Sails, Marker McKenna

Parker McKenna’s Mom Reacts To Her Daughter Allegedly Being Abused By Chris Sails

New developments in Chris Sails and Parker McKenna’s allegedly sketchy abusive relationship have arisen. Earlier this week, reported the former “My Wife and Kids” star was black-eyed and bruised, following suspicion from fans that her alleged ex-boyfriend Chris Sails attacked her. As the news as not been confirmed or denied by either party involved, social media has been able to uncover some details. Since the inception for the rumors, Sails shared a tweet, but later deleted it.

She got y’all really believing this. Smh.

Mckenna’s mom, Heather, has given an update on her daughter, as well. In a photo shared to her Instagram, a user questioned,

So what is going on with Parker? Are we not going to address the fact that she has a black eye? The world would like to know if she’s ok, and if Chris was the cause of, so his fans [can] know the real him. Maybe her story could help another young woman.

Her mother responded giving full details about how Parker and her family plan to move forward.

This post is about national daughter day.I’m not the least bit concerned about Chris’s fans, he shouldn’t have ANY by now. He is trash and when Parker is ready to address things she will do that on her own terms. Some people process things differently and “the world” can’t force anyone to address things that are painful and hard to discuss until they are ready. She is ok and she will be back to herself in no time with the love of her family. Thank you for your concern.

According to Sails’ Instagram Story, he is single, and recently touched down in California.

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Authored by: Andre Palmer