(EXCLUSIVE) Magic City Ex-Strippers Lawsuit is Absurd, Dancers are Greedy & Ungrateful

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Legendary strip club Magic City is calling out their former exotic dancers suing them for unpaid wages, claiming they are nothing more than ungrateful greedy women looking to shake them down for more cash — theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports.

Last year, a group of exotic dancers who worked at Magic City in Atlanta filed a class action lawsuit against the club. The dancers accused the club of not paying them a dime in wages due to them claiming they were “work for hire”. The girls said they had to pay a fee to perform at the strip club nightly.

The strippers claimed that despite not being paid by Magic City, the club would fine them for being late, slap them with a $50 penalty if their dance was not up to the clubs standards, along with be hit with a 1 day suspension. Further, they said they were required to pay out a portion of their tips to the house mom and other fees.

The dancers filed a federal lawsuit demanding they be paid the minimum wage owed over the years and blasted Magic City for violating federal labor laws.

Then on February 9th, the legendary strip club fired back at their former exotic dancers claiming they are greedy ungrateful women looking to shake down the same company who helped them make them dollar bills.