Ex Love & Hip Hop Star Tommie Lee Confronts & Tries To Fight Yung Miami’s Friend [VIDEO]

Tommie Lee Confronts Yung Miami’s Friend Triggering An Altercation: I’m On That!

Tommie Lee wants all the smoke with Yung Miami’s friend.

Tommie Lee

Recently, a video surfaced the internet of Tommie Lee approaching Yung Miami, Saucy Santana, born Justin Michael Harris, and others to confront a friend of Yung Miami, 28. The footage shows former ‘Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta’ star Tommie Lee and Miami’s friend standing face to face.

Tommie said:

“You stepped up like I owed you something.”

The City Girls star friend responded:

“I didn’t baby. I didn’t step up like nothing.”

Tommie continued:

“Oh okay, so fall back. Fall back! And anybody wanna stand in her place, wassup?”

Saucy Santana stepped up to defuse the situation. Saucy Santana interrupted:

“Tommie! Tommie!”

Tommie, born Atasha Jefferson, added:

“I hate a old b*tch tryna act like it’s some sh*t like when it ain’t! When it aint! You know what it is with me so stop playin’! You felt how you felt, cool, so go stand on it!”

Tommie’s friends held her back as she continued to press Miami’s friend. She said: 

“Ion give a f*ck what she on, b*tch I’m on that! I’m on that! I’m on that! Girl, fall your *ss back and stop being under Miami *ss tryna get attention still b*tch.”

Miami’s, born Caresha Romeka Brownlee, friend replied:

“Wassup? You wanna run one?”

Tommie said:

“Wassup? Wassup?”

Tommie continued:

“B*tch you weird!”

Miami’s friend said:

“It was funny h** what?”

Tommie got riled up. She asked:

“How it was funny though?”

Tommie yells:

“Get off me. I’m never gonna touch this peasant.”  

The initial problem allegedly began because Tommie and Miami’s friend had a disagreement about a comment made on a blog. Prior to the verbal altercation, Tommie messaged Miami’s friend on Instagram. She said:

“Drunk Dizzy aaa B*tch you mad about a Shade Room Comment. You a real weirdo! F*ck you H**! It’s whatever whenever. B*tch Like 1 said you want a Round. Stay off whatever you be on with your drunk *ss!”

Miami’s friend responded:

“B*tch I’m on real time wassup”

Tommie replied:

“B*tch I’m not ya friend so if laughed about something what’s the problem.”

Miami’s friend said:

“You old ass hoe wanna round i got 40.”

Tommie added:

“I can see if it was something about your kids or Parent hood. B*tch I’m 38 let’s be exact.”

The former reality TV star took it to Instagram to speak her mind after the video of her arguing with Miami’s friend went viral. Tommie said:

“I wish ya’ll understood that everything isn’t tea or news two grown people can’t have a conversation w/o a camera being pulled out sh*t really sad.”

Tommie added:

“And no I don’t fake kick it, fake speak, or fake anything… so when you dissing me that better be really how you feel because I’m moving accordingly!”

Miami trended on Twitter after she was spotted minding her business as her friend and Tommie got into it. Fans indicated that she should’ve defended her friend like Santana did. Others argued the City Girl rapper has too much to lose. 

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill