K. Michelle Pressing Charges Against Love & Hip Hop Cast Mate For Throwing Drink & Cup At Her Face 

K.Michelle, Paris Phillips

K. Michelle Pressing Charges Against Love & Hip Hop Cast Mate For Throwing Drink & Cup At Her Face

The K. Michelle vs Love and Hip Hop Hollywood battle seems to be never-ending. The episode revealing an altercation between singer K. Michelle and her former assistant and friend, Paris Phillips, was recently teased on VH1.

This alleged incident reflects what we exclusively reported over the summer. [Click here for the backstory].

K. confirmed to Twitter followers that she would be launching this investigation. @IamCardiZ tweeted:

“@kmichelle I HOPE you got that bitch Paris back for throwing that water!! She had me fucked up!”

K. replied:

“I would NEVER! I was just released from the hospital less than 24 hours prior! FACTS. I weighed 105pounds! And I won’t be loosing my endorsement 4 trash! Truth is truth!”

She also commented:

“…You won’t steal from me, and hit me AFTER I’ve paid your bills and raised you. I put you on TV. Sorry I ain’t no snitch but it’s to [sic] much money at stake 4memphis K 2react.”

When theJasmineBRAND highlighted that tweet along with the screen shot of our previous exclusive, K. Michelle angrily replied, satting that she never requested that Paris be removed from the show. She said:

“Now you just making up shit! Is that the title you wanna use. When have I ever said anything about firing or anything. Chill”

A source revealed K. Michelle’s attempts at getting Paris fired. They said:

“Although K. Michelle doesn’t have any allies this season and no one wants to film with her, she’s trying really hard to get Paris kicked off the show.”

They continued:

“It’s surprising that she wants to get the law involved when for seasons she’s tried to attack people on the show. She’s already attempted to fight another cast mate on camera this season. But now she wants to take legal action?”

Would Paris Phillips’ firing be justifiable after her fight with K. Michelle?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay