The Dream Will Release 3 Back-To-Back Albums

The Dream Reveals He Will Release 3 Back-to-Back Albums

The “Radio Killa” is back! Singer/songwriter Terius “The Dream” Nash is known for being the hitmaker behind countless massive hits – including Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies” and Rihanna‘s “Umbrella.” He’s also seen success from his own hits, including “Falsetto” and “Love King.” Well, more hits are on the way. He recently shared that he’ll be releasing not one, but three albums soon. He posted this caption for his Instagram followers:

“@thekingdream New DREAM Albums on the way!!! 1 1 2 3”

He hinted at returning to music earlier this year, posting a photo of a Radio Killa Records hat. He said:

“@thekingdream Back to Work,….. @losdamystro @jaycen are We done on the mixes?……………I have no more changes to add, I’m good,let’s go Head to to Grab Authentic Merch NOW.”

Ironically, this news comes after a revealing interview with his ex-wife, singer Nivea, in which she admits her return to music has been delayed due to being a mother of four children. Three of those children are with Grammy award winning artists, The Dream and Lil Wayne. She said:

“I love my kids, they are my air. If I would have gotten a nanny or sent them to boarding school like I was told, yes my career would be as big as their fathers but I have to be at PTA meetings, I have never missed a meeting ever for years. Wayne and Dream can’t come, so I have to, but now that they are older I am going to start making music again. I’ve already come up with a concept and it will be a dual disc.”

Are you excited about The Dream’s return?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay