LeBron James’ 11 & 14-Year-Old Sons Drink Wine

LeBron James Shares He Allows His Son’s To Drink Wine

LeBron James recently revealed he allows his children to drink wine. The Los Angeles Lakers star player shared that his sons, LeBron James Jr.,14, and Bryce Maximus Jamesr, 11 are deemed to be very mature for their age.

James says,

I got very mature 14 and 11 year olds. My 14 and 11 year olds drink wine. That’s how mature they are.


Everything that they (his teammates) listen to these days, my 14-year-old and my 11-year-old, they watch too.

As he joked about the his sons being able to drive next week, he affirms his children’s drinking have nothing to do with their mother, Savannah James. Noting that kids can,

Whatever dad’s and mom’s having. Put it on me, though. Don’t put it on mom. Put it on dad, put it on dad.

Authored by: Andre Palmer