Anthony Anderson Plans To Graduate College w/ His Son In 2022

Anthony Anderson Plans To Graduate College With His Son In 2022

Back in May, Anthony Anderson‘s son Nathan graduated high school and set forth to embark on a future at his father’s alma mater, Howard University.

Anthony Anderson attended Howard University, paying for school by himself, but when he ran out of money he was forced to drop out. Now that his son is attending, there’s no time like the present to finish those final semesters. He says in a new interview,

I was paying for college myself, and I ran out of money after my junior year. I’ve been speaking with the university … about creating a curriculum that I can take online and at home … so I can walk with my son in 2022. So I have four years to finish one year of college.

Howard University isn’t special to Anthony simply because he attended school there. He would also meet his future wife at Howard, just days after being dropped off by his parents.

Back in September, Anthony Anderson congratulated his son on starting school at him and his wife’s alma mater.

To see two generations walk the stage at the same time would be an amazing experience!

Authored by: Eleven8