EXCLUSIVE: Paris Hilton Still Gets Paid Off Sex Tape, According to Joe Francis Kidnapper Riley Perez

EXCLUSIVE: Paris Hilton Still Gets Paid Off Sex Tape, According to Joe Francis Kidnapper Riley Perez

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, new details about a vintage and infamous celebrity sex tape have been revealed. Back in 2004 Riley Perez, acting on orders from Genovese Crime Family patriarch Matty “The Horse” Ianniello, broke into “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis’ house and made him pose for some demeaning video footage.

In his new book What Is Real? The Life and Crimes of Darnell Riley, Perez says he was sent as retaliation for Francis taking advantage of one specific young woman, who later said she was drugged and taken advantage of by the media mogul.

Perez was caught when one of his friends told Paris Hilton about the plot and the heiress told Francis of his kidnapper’s identity. Perez actually knew Paris from his days partying in Hollywood and in an exclusive conversation with theJasmineBRAND, he describes how he helped orchestrate the sale of Hilton’s now infamous sex tape. He recalled,

In early 2003 Rick Solomon had already filmed the first part of his sexual encounter with Paris Hilton. He was married to Shannon Doherty at the time and they were fighting over whether he was still seeing Paris Hilton romantically so Paris had crashed his car.

He continued,

He was jamming her up to pay for it. So initially it was going to be a revenge that he would put [the black and white version of the sex tape] out but another buddy of his had put the video out – the black and white version – everyone had thought that [Solomon] put it out but he didn’t. The Hilton family started suing Solomon, saying [Paris] was underage and all kind of sh*t but they didn’t know that she already had agreed with him to film what we now see where she’s in black lace in the hotel room and all that.

Perez says it was he that helped broker the deal for Solomon and Hilton when the full-color version came out.

[Solomon] didn’t know how to sell the sex tape so I set up a meeting with Larry Flynt at Hustler. He didn’t wanna buy the video and put it out because it was just the black and white version at the time. This was close to “The Simple Life” coming out and Paris was okay with it. That’s why she still gets paid to this day cause she signed off on the video coming out. 

He continued,

So I set up a couple meetings for him and was one of his only friends that he could trust [to hold the video] because he was partying so hard. When he finally cut the deal with Red Light Video that was about the time that “The Simple Life” aired so with the reality show coming out and him putting the video out, that’s what really made Paris Hilton a household name.

Paris & Nicki circa 2002

Before he went to prison Perez was always on the Hollywood party scene and recalls meeting Hilton before she rose to fame.

1998 I met Paris Hilton with Rick Solomon. This is roughly around the time that her and her sister [Nicky] were getting ready for that Vanity Fair piece that eventually put them on the map as being the wild rich girls, then again in ’99 we were in Park City, Utah for Sundance, then she was always around L.A., back and forth from New York I’d see her and early 2000’s way before she became the Paris Hilton people know her as today. 

Perez also says he crossed paths with Kim Kardashian before she became famous.

Even before [Kim] started being Paris’ personal shopper or stylist, she was married to a buddy of mine’s cousin [Damon Thomas from production team The Underdogz] and she was just a pretty girl on the party scene.

When Perez was on trial for the Francis kidnapping, Francis said that Paris Hilton was paying Perez $20,000 in extortion money a claim Perez says was a lie.

When I was arrested in ’05 Joe started putting the story out and then he later testified on the stand at my preliminary hearing that Paris Hilton was paying me $20,000 a month extortion money and her only comment to that was ‘I wasn’t paying him extortion money’ but the court records showed that I was getting $10,000 a month for my involvement with the sex tape which I was helping sell.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams