[VIDEO] Sherri Shepherd On Exes Forming Friendship: Thats creepy, thats nasty! + Is She REALLY Dating Johnny Gill?

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The entertaining Sherri Shepherd took her talents to the Wendy Williams Show, discussing everything from the alleged drama at “The View”, her very public divorce and rumors she’s dating singer Johnny Gill.

When the two chatted about ’The View’ Sherri told Wendy,

I watched ‘The View’ on Monday and I have to say, I love the hot topics, I love when they get into it. I think everybody was very nervous.

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Sherri added

It was first day jitters everybody has to get used to each other, everybody has to get in a grove. It took me three years to figure out where I fit in. Once I left after seven years, I knew exactly what I brought to ‘The View.’

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Sherri also shared that it’s all love between her and Rosie O’Donnell. In fact, she says she wasn’t offended by the comments Rosie’s made in a recent article:

Rosie and I, I don’t think people realize, I love this girl. She (Rosie) helped me with my negotiates when I first got on “The View.” Rosie called me up and she was like, this is what you need to say, this is how much money I make, this is how much money you should ask for. When Wendy inquired about how much Sherri actually made she said, “It was a lot of money, it was a lot. Sherri look at the TV and said, “Husbands, I’m not working anymore, I don’t have that money just to let you know.

Sherri continues:

Rosie, she’s a comic, sometimes it doesn’t translate on the page. Rosie said I almost gave her an aneurism when I said that and that goes along with all the ailments Rosie has. When she did the first show, Rosie always got something wrong with her, she got sciatica, she got depression, she had a heart attack, so if I gave that girl an aneurism, I’m honored Rosie.


When asked about her estranged husband Lamar Sally forming an alliance with ex-husband Jeff Tarpley, she joked: