April Ryan Hires Security After Receiving Threats Over Trump

April Ryan

April Ryan Hires Security After Receiving Threats For Questioning Trump About Voter Suppression

April Ryan has been receiving threats after President Trump questioned her for asking about voter suppression. During a press conference this week, she reportedly asked a question and then Trump told her to sit down.

Things got heated when she refused to do so. This is just the latest incident involving Trump and Ryan.

Due to the most recent threats, Ryan has had to hire security. One of the threats reportedly reads:

Your not black. Your a loser with a big mouth that need slapped. If I ever see you, you’re slap is coming. Go eat more s***.

Law enforcement authorities say the threats have gotten pretty serious. A man claiming to be an army ranger sent a threat to Ryan that read:

I know who you are; what you look like; where you work; where you live, and what you drive … so I think I’ll pay you a visit soon. Trust me — it will be the worst day of your life!

Good thing she is taking the necessary precautions!

Authored by: Eleven8