Matt Barnes Defends Custody Battle Victory On Social Media

Matt Barnes Defends His Victory In Custody Battle After Troll Seemingly Called Him Irresponsible

Matt Barnes received a win in custody court on Thursday (Nov. 8th); the retired basketball player was granted sole legal and physical custody of his twin 10-year-old boys Isaiah and Carter. While he attempted to celebrate the victory, he also received backlash from people who felt the opposite of his victory. Within a photo of him and his lawyers one social media user wrote,

About judges giving rich celebrities custody…the judge did the same thing with usher..a month later Usher [junior] nearly drowned…hope the savings on child support would be worth it..

Barnes responded,

Put them same ‘curtains’ over your head so we ain’t gotta look at your face & that gray yarn you call hair.


The two then begin to engage in an semi-Internet warfare with each other, as they exchanged  indecencies to each other.

Barnes added,

You have far more serious things in your life to worry about..starting w that sh*t on top of your bald head! Stay blessed!

Check the rest of the exchange below.

Authored by: Andre Palmer