50 Cent Trolls Juelz Santana For Allegedly Missing Front Teeth [VIDEO]

50 Cent Trolls Juelz Santana For Allegedly Not Having Any Teeth

The speculation surrounding Juelz Santana and his teeth are hilarious, but alarming to many. The Dipset rapper’s teeth began to raise questions after the recent release of his video called “Sauce Boyz” with his longtime rap group Dipset. 50 Cent brought extra attention to the video after attempting to make a joke of the situation by suggesting Santana was drugs in an Instagram post.

50’s caption read,

Damn it Mmaaannn…just say no to drugs. This is going to far now, no teeth…Jesus Christ Positive vibes

The “Love & Hip-Hop New York” reality star replied back to the jabs by sharing a selfie showing off his teeth whilst taking a page from Ariana Grande’s book. Santana’s caption read,

Good Photoshop, But next

Santana also alleged 50 has false teeth, as well. An Instagram user commented on 50’s photo,

Son got the fake teeth in naaaaaaa

In response Santana wrote,

He do to, so what’s ya point…Stay blessed fam

50 taunted Santana further in a separate post,

Right now I want you to thank God for the small things you have in your life that are great you know like your teeth. That Lean ain’t no joke. Positive vibes

This isn’t the first time Santana’s teeth have been called into question. In 2017 most of the Dipset group appeared on TRL, seemingly without any teeth on the lower half of his mouth.

Check out the new video below.

Authored by: Andre Palmer