Tyson Beckford Calls Out Look-A-Like Model Using His Image To Sell Products – F**k You!

Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford Calls Out Look-A-Like Model – F**k You & F**k you!

 Tyson Beckford is shining light on people attempting to use him as a way of elevation into a different tax bracket/modeling industry instead of hard work. The model wrote a vulgar message on his Instagram Story requesting he not be tagged in things which were not associated with him. He shared,

Muthaf***as will use your image and name to sell sh*t make, profit or claim you like them to get fame or get in the game! F**k you and f**k you! Moms only made one Tyson! Get a fu***n’ life! Don’t tag me on sh*t that has nothing to do with me



Beckford went on to share the two users who attempted to use his name for a little bit of clout. One of the gentleman who is a personal trainer/coach attempted to use one of his presumed client(s) to break it into the modeling industry. He wrote,

Separated At Birth? Tyson Beckford and 2018 Eastern USA Classic Physique Juniors Division Champ Reginald Liggon have an incredible likeness of each other lol. Now that Reggie @black_413_hercules has gotten lean, everywhere he goes lately people say “damn, you know what that kid looks like a young Tyson Beckford @tysoncbeckford ….and well, he does!! I guess being a young Tyson Beckford look alike with muscles isn’t such a bad thing. Hopefully Reggie remembers all us little people when Ford Modeling Agency @fordmodels @fordmodelsscout comes knocking lol. So on a scale of 1 to 10 how strong is the resemblance? Personally I give it a 10….hes a dead ringer! Almost looks like the same dude

While another attempted to use Beckford’s name in order to promote one of Beckford’s workout product. That user wrote,

Just got this @workoutswithbeckfordbar. This targets every upper body area. It’s hard…not going to lie…But it’s effective and I know I will get the hang of it soon. Thank You to my brothers @justin.cheadle and @tysoncbeckford. ‘It is better to aim at perfection and miss, than to aim at imperfection and hit it.’ I will perfect THIS

Do you think Beckford could be overreacting?

Authored by: Andre Palmer