Drake & Stefflon Don Spotted Having Drinks [Photos]

Stefflon Don, Drake

Drake & Stefflon Don Having Drinks In Miami

It looks like Drake is aiming to pursue Stefflon Don on a more serious level. The two rappers were recently spotted in Miami having either a meeting for drinks or a dinner date. Photos surfaced online of the two together on Monday (Nov. 26) which in return, has pressured the public’s attention to pry a little further into this budding romance.

Drake initially raised a few eyebrows after he publicly flirted with Don via an Instagram Live session. He assured the Jamaican rapper he would be able to organize her shoes and wigs. Don proposed a few questions to the point of wondering why Drizzy should be considered her boyfriend. His response,

“I’m a confident guy. I can hold my own in any room. I’ve known you for a while. We bust enough jokes together. We can cook up chune together in the stu…”

What do you think the pair could have been talking about on their alleged date? Let us know in the comments. 

Authored by: Andre Palmer