[Video] Kanye West Publicly Disses Jay-Z Over Justin Timberlake Collab: I Ain’t F***ing With That ‘Suit & Tie’

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Friends, I am so confused this one. I get sarcasm. I get ego. I get humor, but I REALLY can’t tell with this one. Over the weekend, Kanye West performed in London. And all was well….until Ye took some pretty apparent shots at Jay-Z. So what did he say? At the end of his song ‘Clique’, which features Jay in its original version, Ye did what he does best at his concerts–freestyle and tell concert-goers how he REALLY feels. He started his classic rant with:

I love the energy in this city…this is one of my hometowns. Creativity fuels everything. I hate business people. People get on the phone and tell me ‘What kinda business are you doing? What’s the numbers? How many did you sell? What’s the radio spins?’

All good, right? He then goes into his two cents about how he feels about Jay and Justin Timberlake’s collaboration (you’d be surprised), slams the Grammy’s and references Adrinne Bosh, rhyming:

Remind me again, why we in this shit. Remind me again why we in this shit. Since when was making music about getting rich. Since when was making art getting rich. Remind me again why the Grammys can suck my d*ck.

He continues:

I got love for Hov, but I ain’t f*ckin with that Suit & Die ….Remind me again, why we in this sh*t. E’ry n*gga tryna get rich. Every rapper always talkin’ bout f*ckin somebody elses’ b*tch…I lost my f*ckin’ my momma, I can give a f*ck about yo comments.

Ouch. And you peep his line about Lil Wayne vs. Christopher Bosh’s wife (Every rapper talkin’ bout f*ckin some body elses’….)? So what do WE think? Ye is struggling between artistic expression (“Remind me why we in this sh*t”) and the business machine that runs music (“Can I sell your drink for you, please?”) and makes artists rich. What’s more? Ye MAY feel a little slighted about Jay’s plans to tour with Justin Timberlake (over the weekend, the two announced the “Legends of The Summer,” which kicks off a series of 12 concerts starting July 17 in Toronto and winds down Aug. 16 in Miami. The two will also play in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Detroit, Baltimore and Hershey, Pa.). Watch the full clip below (fast forward to the 6:00 mark).