Drake Wants To Be Stefflon Don’s Boyfriend – Offers To Organize Her Shoes & Wigs [VIDEO]

Drake Joins Stefflon Don’s Instagram Live Session, Asks to Be Her Boyfriend

Rapper Stefflon Don is taking a break from hating the Barbz to look for love. She and her friend Moira did an Instagram Live session trolling her followers with questions about love and relationships. And the loverman himself stopped by to try his hand at Stefflon Don’s heart – Drake! He joined in on their Instagram Live session with the following flirty conversation:

“Stefflon Don: I’m looking for love out here in the streets. Are you in a relationship? ‘Cause I’m not looking for a guy who has a girl already.

Drake: Nah, I’m single and ready to mingle.

Stefflon Don: why should you be my man, then?

Drake: I’m a confident guy. I can hold my own in any room. I’ve known you for a while. We bust enough jokes together. We can cook up chune together in the stu…”

Then Drizzy dropped a bomb that would make him an impeccable choice for a boyfriend. He said:

“…I can organize all your heels and your feet and your wigs for you…I’ll make sure they’re all color-coded, you know when I’m saying?”


OMG. Nothing’s more pressing than an unorganized wig closet. Drake, you’re appreciated. And this isn’t the first peek Drake and Stefflon Don have given us of their friendship. She can be heard giving bossy, Patois-filled relationship advice at the tail end of the song “Peak” from Drake’s latest album, “Scorpion.” She said:

“What I’m sayin’, in today really at our big, big age if you’re gettin’ with someone right now and you’re linking them for couple weeks, they should know ‘This is the girl I kinda want to see’ so lemme lock off the ting but obviously in the world that we live in today is not like that…you overdo it and he’s overdoin’ it. Both of you are overdoin’ it right now”

Issa Rae was right. Drake “just gets us.”

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay