Lil Mo Leaving Music Industry To Be A Lawyer: “I’m about to be somebody’s lit a** attorney!”

Lil Mo Leaving the Music Industry to Pursue Law: “I’m about to be somebody’s lit ass attorney!”

Singer Lil Mo is definitely a super woman. We know her as a chart-topping R&B star, and most recently a radio personality and reality TV star. But, she recently revealed a surprising longtime dream that she’s finally ready to pursue. She posted a note to her Instagram followers that reads:

“today has been one of those days. i usually hold it all together. But when it’s so much going on inside it’s hard to suppress something you have been wanting to do. i’ve given 20 years plus to being LIL MO. i’m going to give you all NEW MUSIC and a NEW TV show in 2019. we pushing for january!! then after that, it’s time to be Cynthia Dargan. i’ve always wanted to be a LAWYER! the time is now. i’ll use my influence to be great. Pray for my family and i. this is a decision i’ve been wanting to make but the time has come.” 

Her caption reveals that she’s serious about her future in the legal field, and has an upcoming single with an unnamed feature artist. She said:

“@thelilmoshow unless my new song with w— K—- do so crazy that i have no choice but to tour. a bitch gonna give y’all an album and i’m bout to be somebody LIT Ass attorney. i can’t wait. so the next decade i need to be totally focused!! #LILMOvsCYNTHIADARGAN”

Good luck, Lil Mo!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay