Love & Hip Hop’s Cyn Santana & Joe Budden Are Not Having Enough Sex [VIDEO]

Joe Budden & Cyn Santana Experience Relationship Difficulties In New Season Of “Love & Hip-Hop”

Joe Budden & Cyn Santana have arrived to the viewers of “Love & Hip-Hop”’s television screens once again, but as a couple. Throughout season nine, fans will be following the life of love and children through the eyes of Budden & Santana, as they attempt to find solace after the twosome experienced loved lost on national television.

Lexington Budden, Cyn Santana, Joe Budden

For their return almost three to four years later, they’re ready to put their love to the test as their story unfolds on the ninth season. The pair opened the premiere Monday (Nov. 26) evening with their difficulties trying to get back in the groove of love making after Satana gave birth to her first child and Budden’s second, Lexington Budden, in December 2017.

Santana, 25 attempts to set the mood by proactively booking a hotel in the city of New York to ensure her and her boyfriend will have intercourse. Budden, 38 assures her he had no intentions of having intercourse after working and asked the driver to zoom him back to his New Jersey home.

Cyn Santana, Joe Budden

Santana vented about the aftermath of last night’s episode via Twitter. Claiming she was,

sexually frustrated lol

I got all the aunties in my DMs talkin bout I have no self respect. I just want some lovin’

She countered the negativity from the naysayers with sarcasm,

Lol. Right? Cause it’s sooooo unrealistic to not have sex (as often) after having a baby. Y’all just be bored n mad n love to be negative

Budden departed in season four (2014) and Santana after season five (2015). We’re sure this season they’ll be able to work out their differences in the sex department.

Authored by: Andre Palmer